Plastilina Mosh is Jonaz & Rosso. Rosso & Jonaz are Plastilina Mosh. The band began way back in 1996 when Jonaz (who played with the thrash metal band called Koervoz de Malta) and Rosso (from the avant garde band called Acarnienses) got together to make new and exciting music. Jonaz plays guitars and sings and Alejandro Rosso plays keyboards and a lot of other instruments.  The band often mixes rock, hip hop, electronica and other music styles. They also sing in English and Spanish while having special guests singing in other languages. 

  In the early part of 1997, Plastilina traveled to Mexico City, where they recorded the video and the single of Niño Bomba, released under the independent label Tómbola! Recordings, which sold 5000 copies. Then, they started to get attention from the public and the press with their performances. Shortly thereafter, the video started being played on music video channels and radio stations.
They released their first full lenght album (Aquamosh) in 1998 which contained a number of hit singles (niño bomba, mr.pmosh, afroman, monster truck). Their sophomore effort (Juan Manuel) was a more electronic oriented album and produced classic tracks like “Human Disco Ball” and “Baretta ’89”. 

  Their third album (Hola Chicuelos) contains 18 amazing tracks, all joined by a similar idea and concept and spawned such popular hits as “Peligroso Pop”, “Enzo”, “Alo” and “Oxidados”. After this came the bands first compilation album “Tasty” which includes the bands greatest hits (including “Nalguita” which was originally included in the “Puños Rosas” soundtrack) as well as a bunch of B-sides from the bands earlier days and a new single called “Millionare”.

  The band recently announced the release of their latest album entitled “All U need is Mosh!” which is due out in August 2008 and includes special appearances by Pmosh’s Second Hand Band: Eddie Gonzalez, Natalia Slipak and Milton Pacheco (Randy Salazar Jr. provided a lot of emotional support).


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  1. Quisiera enviarle unos demos, puedo???

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