pmosh shoots video for “Let u know” from the brand spankin’ new “All u need is mosh” album

howdy y’all…

…. we just finished shooting the footage for the upcoming video for “Let u know” fresh off the brand spankin’ new pmosh record “all u need is mosh”… which by the way is now available for purchase in good old home sweet home Mexico…. and let me tell ya… it’s going to be awesome!!!….. not only are Jonaz and Rosso featured in this fantastic video but so is the entire second hand band…..

… let me tell you a little bit about it… Jonaz had this idea of dressing up like arabs and running around town shooting peoples reactions… so they asked Brian Liu (check out to help us out… he came down to Monterrey along with our new friends Jeanna Cullinan and Nikos Kourkoulakos and with the help of our good friend Chuy Alvarez (you rock Chuy) and a bunch of cameras and lights we let the good times roll!!!…. they also had a great idea… not only would we dress up as arabs, but we supposedly came from a ficticious arab country that would eventually end up buying Mexico and making it their very own….

… I’ll give you a brief summary of the activities…. we met last wednesday (the 17th of Dec) at 6pm at this market called “Aladdinos”… they had the coolest products in there, including a can of “easy cheese” which was very popular during the shoot…. we dressed up as arabs, filled our shopping carts with goodies and danced around like goofy on crack for a little bit… next stop… an underground “ficheras” bar (you know, one of those bars where you pay the ladies for a dance… not sex… just dancin’)… the place was awesome, very kitsch, very authentic…. we had beers, a little dancin’ and some great footage….

… next day…. thursday december 18th…. we had to be on set at 6:00am….. that’s right…. a.m. y’all!!!…. we went to this taco place… I wish I could remember the name ’cause it was really cool and the tacos were delicious… after eating about a million of ’em we headed on over to the next location which is a street mall called Plaza Morelos… we walked around in our arab outfits getting weird looks from people as we walked by…. and who can blame ’em… it’s not like you see a bunch of arabs walkin’ around being followed by cameras in Monterrey every day of the week…. after that we headed on over to an office where Jonaz and Rosso shot a scene were they’re supposedly buying Mexico and receive the key to the city… which was actually a giant key shaped piñata…. and what a surprise, we ended up having some more tacos at a little stand in the corner where the office was…

…after that, it was back to the limo (yes, we had a giant white Hummer limo, very classy) and off to helicopter airport… or heliport… or whatever the hell that’s called… a few good shots and then back to the city to shoot the final scene…. we arrived at the “Arena Monterrey” where a wrestling match was taking place… I won’t tell you the end of the video ’cause I want you to be a little surprised when you see it… let’s just say it’s a shout out to a classic 80’s flick which you’ll surely recognize….

…I leave you with these pics from the “ficheras bar” scene… but be sure to check out the rest of the pics in the “Let u know” video shoot section… the pics are awesome and they were taken by our friend La Pola (you rock too Pola)….

… alrighty then…. we wish you all happy holidays and we hope your new year’s eve rocks!!!…



~ by plastilinamosh on December 26, 2008.

One Response to “pmosh shoots video for “Let u know” from the brand spankin’ new “All u need is mosh” album”

  1. Milton! Cuándo vendrán a tocar en Washington? Prontito, eh?

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