Bogota or bust!!

Howdy y’all….. 

… it’s been a while since we last spoke… hmmm…. read or written….. hmmm…. blogged??…. whatever…. the reason is my laptop is falling apart on me…. the battery stopped working a loooong time ago, the screen is all busted and full of squiggly lines, the mic hasn’t worked in over a year and the little plastic screw covers are long gone…. this was all fine and good… I could still keep working until a couple of weeks back when the power adapter quit adapting power to my computer….. now, you’re probably thinking, either this guy’s got a crappy laptop… or, he treats his laptop like crap…. the answer is B… I treat my laptop like crap… but hey, it’s not easy taking excellent care of it when it’s used for playing live rock shows….. you drop it, spill drinks on it, jump around with it….. isn’t it funny how computers are such a big part of music now when a couple of decades ago nobody would ever even dream of bringing a computer on stage for a rock show……….. but this blog isn’t about any of this….. I just got sidetracked ’cause it’s been so long since I’ve blogged….. this blogging is like heroin or crack or really good coffee or somethin’…. it’s addictive!!

…. what I really wanted to talk to you guys about is the awesome trip we just made to south america…. Colombia (Bogota) and Ecuador (Quito) to be exact…. it was so much fun… first stop: Mexico City airport!!… ok, the fun usually doesn’t start there, but this time it was different… Jonaz and I decided that we should start this trip right…. what’s right?… you guessed it… drinkin’ beers at an airport bar… they had a 2×1 special…. can you blame us?….. this was followed by beers and whisky on the plane, beers on the way to the hotel and beers on the way to the night club where Jonaz, Eddie and myself were invited to do a brief Dj set along with our good friend and several of his clones, Mr. jack Daniels, as a thank you for the gig… everything was going great until we got back to the hotel to polish off the last bottle of Jack…. it was already daytime so Eddie and I decided to hit the breakfast buffet at the hotel…. when we got to the restaurant I decided I was going to skip breakfast and go back to my room…. but I got lost on the way back to the hotel!!…. and I’m not talking about “drunk inside the hotel and can’t find my room lost” and talking about “so freakin’ drunk I can’t even find my way to the hotel let alone my room inside the hotel lost”…. I wish I could tell you how I got back but I honestly don’t know….. I think some band and/or staff members found me wandering around close to the hotel and took me to my room….. nothing to be proud of folks… just an interesting little footnote to this story….

… so the next day, I obviously wake up with the worlds biggest hangover… it lasted aaaaaaall day long folks… right up until showtime… we jammed onstage with the guys from “Diva Gash”, a great colombian band who we’ve been friends with for some time now… the Bogota crowd was awesome!!… so much fun… but the best part?… x-box and rock band in our dressing room…. how fun is that!?… we all know we’re a few minutes away from going out on stage and doing it for real, and yet nobody wants to let go of the little plastic guitar/bass, the crappy mic of the rubber pads used as drums…. we finally get pulled away from the game and go out and do it for real… good times…. very good times….

… after the show we go back to the hotel for a brief afterparty…. and I do mean brief ’cause it’s 3:00am and we have to be in the lobby at 5:00am to leave for the airport… that’s the only part I hate about rockin’ and rollin’…. having to be so freakin’ early at the airport….. so we go back to eddie’s room for a few more drinks but the party gets cut short ’cause security says we’re being to noisy…. and I have to admit, there were quite a few people in the room…. but it was a huge room!…. in fact… it was more like a junior suite or somethin’….. it turns out the hotel was overbooked so they gave us this big ol’ suites with two full bathrooms, kitchenette, a small breakfast table, living room and big ass room with two beds…. sweeeeeeeet!!!!…. but kind of like a rock n’ roll cinderella the clock struck 5:00am and we had to split for the airport…… goodbye Bogota, Colombia… hello Quito, Ecuador!!

… I took a few pictures in Bogota…. here’s one of Diva Gash’s “Javier Pabon” (bass) looking mighty surprised… as he should since you’ll notice he’s secretly taking half a case of beer to the after party… Rosso and Naty in the background, equally surprised…



~ by plastilinamosh on October 6, 2008.

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  1. aprovecha allá!

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