sweet review from “Blurt” magazine… check it out…

There aren’t many artists alive who could bring the electro-rock party-funk jams the way these Mexican iconoclasts do here. Maybe Beck on a good day. Or possibly Prince. The point is, if you can’t be entertained by this, you just aren’t into being entertained.

From the bass-slapping antics of “Toll Free,” where the singer won’t stop leaving voice mails demanding to know why he’s been treated badly, to the album-closing Spanish-language “Pervert Pop Song,” nearly every track here is a total smile. In “Jonaz Goes to Hollywood,” Natalia Slipak’s vocals bless a typically infectious chorus with the blasé charm that made the Tom Tom Club’s best singles so damn irresistible. They even let their punk side shine on “Let U Know,” whose lead guitar recalls the rudimentary genius of the Buzzcocks’ “Boredom.”

When it comes to feel-good party music, though, you’d be hard-pressed to top “My Party,” kitschy Island rhythms underscoring bassist Milton Pacheco’s laundry list of guests who’d like to be there. “Even Paris Hilton,” he confides before confessing that he likes to “sit and watch her shake her babymaker.” Other would-be guests include George Bush, his “buddy” Danny Bonaduce, Flavor Flav and Gary Busey. While you might not necessarily care to see those people shake their babymakers, if you heard the track, you’d understand the impulse if they did. And you know Bonaduce likes to shake it.

Standout Tracks: “My Party,” “Let U Know” 



~ by plastilinamosh on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “sweet review from “Blurt” magazine… check it out…”

  1. Les faltó mencionar “Paso fino”… (igual que “Banano’s bar”) es una GRAN rola que mucha banda no llega a escuchar.
    Yo en lo personal acabo de lograr que mi mamá la escuche

    no le gusto……………………………. 😛

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