Awesome after party in Guadalajara, Jalisco (MEX)

Howdy y’all…. 

 We just got back from playing an awesome show in Guadalajara, Jalisco (MEX)…. it was a lot of fun…. great sound, great crowd, great beers….. the works…. but what really made the day special was the after party at our friend Fernando Sandoval’s studio…. for those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Sandoval, he is the guy who designed the last two pmosh album covers, designed the album art, took the album pics, etc…. etc… etc…. but most of all he designed the cool pmosh “glasses on fire” logo which you must agree, they simply rock!!!…. anyway, he’s very, very talented but most importantly, his studio was the set for the Guadalajara show after party….

 Now, let me tell you a little something about after parties… most people think the real rockin’ and rollin’ goes on at these things…. they imagine sex, drugs and rock and roll all around…. and you know what?… sometimes it does…. but most of the times, it doesn’t…. most of the times it’s just a bunch of people you don’t really know that are drunk out of their minds and can’t stop drinking and go to sleep… sometimes someone just goes: “Hey, after party at my house!!!!”… so we all follow his drunk ass to his house only to find out there’s no booze, no music and no mojo whatsoever…. I remember one time we went to this girls house only to end up drinking sprite and watching t.v….. I mean, come on!!… I could’ve done that in my hotel room… hell… at least I’d have a mini bar at my disposal…. other times we get invited to a liquor brand sponsored party… so you think: “hmmm…. free booze + loud music + plenty of people = party of the year!!”… right?…. wrong!!… most of the people are only there for the free booze…. there’s no other common denominator… they didn’t even go to your show in the first place which is the whole point of having an after party….. you party with the Pmoshers during the Pmosh show….. then you keep the party going afterwards… 

 Don’t get me wrong….. we’ve been to some incredible parties after our shows… take Austin for example… we ended up at Jonaz’s cousin’s house and she was prepared… plenty of booze, good music, good food (pizza and brownies, what a combination!!), cigarettes and alcohol all around, a keg of beer in the backyard, the works… it rocked!!…

 Over the years I’ve developed a sort of sixth sense about these things….. a sense my roomie and pmosh drummer Natalia chooses to ignore sometimes… I take various factors into consideration and decide whether or not an after party is worth going to or not…. I’d say I have about 95% accuracy when it comes to these things…. sometimes I say: “hmmm… I don’t think this party is going to rock, I’d rather go back to the hotel room, watch a movie and go to sleep”… but my roomie will go: “c’mon, c’mon, c’mon… let’s just check it out for a little bit”… so she goes…. only to come back to the hotel room with a story about how the party sucked and she had a hard time getting a ride back to the hotel, etc… etc… etc… but like I said… I have about a 95% accuracy record so sometimes I miss out on good times….

… but not this time!!… no sir!!….. I had actually decided not to go to Fernando’s after party because we had to leave for the airport at exactly 7:15am and it was already 4:00am….. I figured I’ll blow the party off, get a couple of hours worth of sleep, wake up, shower and be ready to leave at exactly 7:15am… but then, something made me change my mind… and I’m glad it did…. when we go to Fernando’s studio he had everything ready to rock…. a fridge full of beer, a bar full of booze and his laptop hooked up to a couple of really loud speakers… the setup was complete when he threw “Dj Alejandro Rosso” into the mix… he started out with a little old school rock and roll (Motley Crue’s “looks that kill”) which of course had everybody playing air guitar…. can’t remember what he played after that but we were still rockin’… but then…. he let the good times roll with some tunes I hadn’t heard in a loooooooong time…. some Flans (enamorada de un fan), Don Teto, I think?? (porque te tatuates…. pos nomas!!)… remember that one?…. then Fernando pulls out a mic so everyone can do the karaoke thing…. of course everyone just grabs the mic and can’t stop babbling on and on like they know the song… but they don’t….. then he plays Michael Jackson’sBeat it” which of course sends Eddie into “jackson dance mode” (he’s pretty good at it by the way) and a bunch of people doing the switchblade knife fight scene….. 

… I wish I could remember more of the songs we danced to… dang it!!!….. but it was so much fun that before we knew it, it was 6:45am!!!…. so we quickly said our goodbyes, took a cab to the hotel, picked up our bags and went straight to the airport… you should’ve seen everybody uncomfortably sleeping (or trying to sleep) at the airport…. I wish I had a picture….. and speaking of pictures…. I was so busy having fun that I didn’t really take any good pictures at the after party…. so I leave you with a pic of Rosso picking out his next track while Eddie watches on taking a break from his after party dj duties…. as for the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll?…. well…. I’m pretty sure someone got laid in the back room, smoked pot and rocked and rolled… wasn’t me though… I was too busy “bustin’ a move” to the dj rosso’s classic selections….

.. well…. we’re off to Colombia and Ecuador next week…. so we’ll have plenty of international after party stories for ya…. later y’all…. Milton (pmosh bass player and after party reviewer)


Rosso taking a break from after party dj duties

Rosso taking a break from after party dj duties


~ by plastilinamosh on September 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Awesome after party in Guadalajara, Jalisco (MEX)”

  1. You guys have got to come to Seattle! Serious, I’ve been listening to you since I saw you live in 1998, and everyone who I’ve showed your music to digs you guys! I know you played Bumbershoot in 2005 (I believe), but you should come back! Congrats on the new CD, it’s amazing like all your works.

  2. oh yeah, Milton, the song dedicated to you on Aquamosh is one of the best, keep up the rockin’!

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