The day I went from “dude” to “sir”…

Howdy y’all….. I was talking with my neighbor a few nights ago…. just chillin’, having an ice cold “michelada” while we waited for a cab to pick us up and take us to the “barrio antiguo” part of Monterrey which is where a lot of the great bars and discos are located….. we were talking about how we were no longer kids, had to exercise regularly, eat you fiber, bla, bla, bla…. you know, getting sentimental about aging if you will…… I started to think about one of the first gigs I ever played with Plastilina Mosh which was about 3 years ago…. it was an MTV gig callled “Fashionista” which, as you probably figured out, was about fashion….. we played a couple of Pmosh tracks and then did a duet with mexican pop star Belinda…. I was up there playing my bass when I had to, doing background vocals when I had to, etc…. and when I didn’t have a part in a song I just danced and jumped around….. interesting television right?…. so…. a few days after the show aired somebody asked Rosso (or Jonaz.. can’t remember): “Hey, quien es el señor que baila?”… WHAT!?….. “señor!!??” (which means sir)…. I was jumping around, dancing, doing youthful things…. mind you, I was 28 at the time…. I though I was a young stallion in the prime of my youth!!…. but apparently that wasn’t the case….. I mean, I knew I wasn’t a teenager anymore… but come on…. SIR!!??

 Well…. unfortunately for me that wasn’t the very first time people stopped calling me “dude” and started calling me “sir”… oh no… that actually happened a few years back when I first got out of college and got what my parents called.. and I quote.. “A real job”… end quote…. I was at the movies watching a really boring film…. although it wasn’t as boring as a piece of crap I recently watched called “Funny Games”… man that movie sucked!!.. but I’ll get into that another time….. so… I’m in the movies and I fell a slight tap on the back of my seat… tap!… I let it go…. then a few more taps…. tap! tap! tap!…. it’s a little annoying but I let it go again…. then come more freakin’ taps…. tap! tap! tap! tap! tap!… o.k… I’ve had enough… so I turn around and see this kid in his early teens…. maybe late teens… I don’t know… he was a kid….. and I say to him: “excuse me, would you mind not hitting my seat?”… and he says: “it wasn’t me!”…. so I think to myself “ok, maybe he didn’t realize he was doing it”… but then…. tap! tap! tap! tap! tap!….. so I turn around again and say: “look, I’m trying to enjoy this boring ass movie, would you be nice enough to stop hitting my seat!?”.. and he says (like shaggy) “it wasn’t me!!”…… then…. tap! tap! tap! tap! tap! muthafreakin’ tap!!!!!…. so I turn and say “look kid, either stop kicking my seat or I’ll call the manager and have you thrown out of the theatre!!!!”…. of course I wasn’t gonna threaten him with physical violence, he was just a kid…. plus he probably could’ve kicked my ass (I’m a lover not a fighter)…. and he says “I swear to you SIR, it wasn’t me!!!”…. 

… now…. at this point I was so stunned to hear somebody call me SIR for the first time ever that I was about to turn back and face the screen and think about how I was getting older… but then… I noticed something…. sitting next to the kid behind me was another kid… a snot nosed little punk that was on the verge of bursting out in laughter… He couldn’t control himself… he was having a blast!!… it turns out THAT was the kid that was kicking my seat!!….. he had been kicking it all along on purpose so that his friend would get in trouble….. of course he knew a guy “my age” wouldn’t beat the crap out of them, he was an adult… a responsible adult who would very likely get pissed off just enough to make it funny, but not enough to make it dangerous….. and that’s exactly what I did…..

 Well…. this has nothing to do with Pmosh but I thought it was an amusing little story…. we’re going to be on the road this weekend (Guadalajara and Matamoros, MX) and next week (Ecuador and Colombia) we promise we’ll have more interesting stories…. I usually like to add a picture to better illustrate my little stories… but there aren’t any for this particular one…. instead, I shamelessly leave you with a picture of a Plastilina Mosh trucker hat that is available for purchase at our online store… just go to and click on our store tab… I know, I know… shame on me….. but hey, a man’s gotta eat… ok, ok… we’re going to use the money on booze…. 

catch you later y’all….. Milton (pmosh bass guy and merch peddler) 


~ by plastilinamosh on September 3, 2008.

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