Hellow Fest (MTY) rocked!!

hi there!!!….. we just played a show here in what most of the band members call home, sweet, home Monterrey (Mex) and man… it was awesome!!!…. so much fun…. there were 2 big stages and a bunch of great bands including Sussie 4, Zoe, Los Amigos Invisibles, Quiero Club and of course… Plastilina Mosh!!!…. I love these big festivals with thousands of people… the vibe is just overwhelming you know?…. of course club shows are full of energy as well, so many people having such a good time…. but the energy in these festivals is just contagious…. just check out the picture of the crowd we played to this last saturday at the Hellow Fest in “La Huasteca”… they’re going crazy!!!…. as well they should ’cause we busted out some of the new songs from the recently released “All U need is Mosh” CD…. we actually kicked off the show with the high energy “Let U know”… when we played “My Party” the stage looked exactly like one big ol’ party…. a lot of people dancing and singing along with us… and close to the end our show we debuted “Pervert Pop Song” for our Monterrey fans who already knew the catchy chorus and sang along with us from beginning to end….. 

We’re off to the “Feria de Matamoros” in a couple of weeks and we’re looking forward to another big show full of die hard Pmosh fans….. keep an eye out ’cause we’re coming to a town near you!!!… MP

crowd at Hellow Fest (MTY, 23-Aug-08)

crowd at Hellow Fest (MTY, 23-Aug-08)


~ by plastilinamosh on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “Hellow Fest (MTY) rocked!!”

  1. O my!!!!!!! Looks like a blast. miss you guys already!

    Cheryl in ATX

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