1 rehearsal in 3 years….

howdy y’all….. long time no blog….. o.k….. that didn’t sound as funny as I thought it would…. anyway…. you won’t belive this, but, we had our first rehearsal in the last 3 years…. can you believe that?…. when I first joined the ranks of the pmosh crew back in March / April 2006 I was really nervous ’cause my first show with the band was coming up… so I kept asking Rosso: “when are we going to get together and rehearse!?, it’s getting close to show day and we haven’t rehearsed!, etc, etc, etc…”, he finally turns around, looks at me and says: “Milton, we’re all professionals here, you rehearse at home and you execute on stage”… need I say more?….. oddly enough this method works really well ’cause you’re excited to play the songs every time you go on stage… instead of being sick and tired of the song from having gone over it 1,000 times in a confined area….

but… since Pmosh just put out a new record (All U need is Mosh), which you can get at iTunes or Amazon.com (sorry, I had to do it), and this last saturday’s show here in Monterrey was a great way for us to rock out on a few songs from the new album, we decided to get together and rehearse…. and you know what?… it was fun!!…. we rented this small rehearsal space, loaded all of the the gear in my car and had a bunch of friends over… including guest rapper “Niña Dioz” who you can hear on the new Pmohs track called “Danny Trejo” and our new friend “Gaby” who is a great singer… so it was kind of a small private party…. I’m looking forward to our next rehearsal in 2011…. later y’all….. Milton Pacheco (pmosh bass guy)…


~ by plastilinamosh on August 25, 2008.

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