don’t mess with Texas!!

howdy y’all….. long time no see… or write… or whatever…… we just got back from Austin, Texas and we had an awesome time….. we started off with a loooooooong van ride from our home sweet home (Monterrey, MX)… it was 9 hours long!!!…. it usually only takes about 6 hours but we stopped for a little “machacado con huevo” (shredded beef and eggs) at one of the many “Restaurant Garcias” on the way out of Monterrey followed by a few more stops for gas and munchies, dinner at Denny’s and then someone…. I won’t say who…. was bitchin’ about having to stop the van once again ’cause he/she had to go the bathroom….. again…. hahaha…. o.k…. it was me!!!

anyway….. we finally got to Austin were we played a couple of new tracks off the new record (“pervert pop song” and “let u know”) at the “Premios Texas 08” (Texas Awards)…. good times…. but the real fun was had later that night when we played a full show at a local venue called “Emo’s”…. it was awesome!!….. plus, we got to see a lot of friends including Shawn and Cheryl show started off having a really good time…. drinkin’, laughin’, talkin’, etc… just catching up with this great couple….. but, a few drinks and a few songs later the moshing begins and Cheryl takes off her shows to do a little barefoot dancin’ but what do ya know, she steps on a broken beer bottle… ouch!!!…. blood all over the floor!!… I’m not talkin’ about a few drops I’m talkin’ a big ol’ puddle of blood!!…. she gets escorted out by security and we find out her boy toy Shawn took a punch in the head at the bar!!….. more ouch!!….. you don’t mess with Texas!!….. well, they’re o.k. now I guess… In fact… I’m gonna get in touch with them soon to see how they’re doin’….

we got back home on friday night and played a show in Monterrey on Saturday with some awesome bands (Moderatto, Miranda, etc)… have you heard Miranda…. I have a confession to make…. I’m a closet Miranda groupie…. there… I said it!!!…… 

alrighty then…. we’ll have more pmoshing action for ya’ soon…. we’re going to Queretaro this upcoming Friday… hope nobody gets hurt….. later y’all….. (Milton, pmosh bass guy)


~ by plastilinamosh on August 11, 2008.

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